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  1. Sandor Schoichet says:

    Nice opening survey of the materiality matrix topic … I’m looking forward to the rest!

    Thank you.

  2. Kishore Kavadia says:

    Good direction to conducting serious discussion with Corporate on Materiality Matrix that would lead to sensible sustainability reporting

  3. Jocelina Valle says:

    I have been working in the sustainable corporate sphere for more than 7 years. I’d like to learn more

  4. Brett Lavery says:

    I have been conducting waste audits in Canada & the US for 20 years. Still having difficulty with many corporations that don’t get it. I have a booth at Globe 2014 in Vancouver this month to try and speak with some decisions makers to show them how real numbers can help to create dialogue.

  5. john clement says:

    Always interested in good discussion and good contacts

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