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Dwayne and Value CSR

In addition to this blog, Dwayne is the founder and CEO of Value CSR, a consultancy which helps organisations identify their most material CSR metrics and also helps them calculate the value that CSR unlocks.

His current focus is:

  • Training Executives on CSR
  • Helping companies build a full and robust Business Case for CSR
  • Facilitating conversations ahead of change process (particularly those in relation to kick-starting or re-invigorating CSR Programmes)

dwayneIf you like, you can go to the ValueCSR website.

If you would like to put Dwayne to work, he is at dwayne.baraka@valuecsr.com or on +44 75 9011 6051.

He is also on LinkedIn.

Dwayne’s brief CV

Dwayne is a career Thinker, Speaker, Facilitator and CSR Expert.

He started his working life in hardware sales and then made the obvious next steps into electronics and subsequently into law. For most of his career he has been interested in trying to make the world a fairer and more profitable place for all, joining BITC in 2009 to continue pursuing that goal.

As a CR professional he has worked on the corporate strategy of several of the FTSE 100 and many more besides including for tech companies, housing associations, construction companies and loads of others.

He has written award winning articles on CSR and has been an Editor of the Encyclopaedia of Corporate Social Responsibility since 2010.

He has worked in CSR in Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Latvia, Lebanon, Norway, UAE, USA and UK.

Dwayne is also committed to putting numbers on ‘soft’ CSR disciplines and believes that there are virtually no companies that cannot make their business more profitable through CSR.

Specialties: Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility, Business Development, Strategic Analysis and Corporate Change


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