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OK, so I’ve been speaking to a number of lawyers lately about CSR, how the legal sector is generally behind their clients on much of the CSR Agenda, and also generally behind other professional services organisations. To address this situation, I’ve created the CSR Legal 50.

I’ve realised that I’m not the only lawyer (even if now retired from law) who has an interest in CSR, particularly now that the United Nations GuidingĀ  Principles on Business and Human Rights are becoming part of business reality (keep up the good work Shift Project and others!).

tsl-imagePerhaps out of need for companionship in my belief that lawyers have lots to offer in this area (Lawyers can be Responsible!), I started to gather something of list of CSR-y Lawyer-y types (using Google searches and whatnot), without really having any idea what to do with this growing list. After pondering how far down the list of “About 36,600,000 results” I might be prepared to look (really not very far…), I remembered the inspired piece of work by Jim McClelland (@SustMeme), in the CSR Business Top 500. His list of CSR-y business-y types made me think, and the dominant thought was that lawyers love to compare themselves to other lawyers. What other profession has a whole industry dedicated to providing a list of the 100/500/1000 best lawyers?

And then, as if prove my own point … to myself, I wondered where I might rank in such company. So I present to you, the first ever (as far as I know) compilation of CSR Law types!

CSR Legal 50

There are no prizes from me (or for me for that matter – I didn’t win!), and nothing even to suggest that my mashup of Klout and Kred is anything like a sound methodology, but nonetheless, here it is! World, meet the CSR Legal 50 (or CSRLegal50).

The leaderboard is not currently available, please try back later or refresh the page.

If you would like to be added to the list, please email me at dwayne.baraka@valuecsr.com or tweet me @baraka_dwayne.

I should add that I wont necessarily be entertaining too many discussion about what makes someone eligible for CSRLegal50 (I quit law remember!). The person must have at least complete a Bachelor in law (or higher) and show an interest in CSR

For those of you who want to see a larger photo of the owners of the Twitter tag, see here.


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