CSR Resources


A tasty list of CSR resources (sustainability, corporate responsibility or whatever you like to call it) that provides links to some of the best websites on CSR.

CSR Blogs

Mallen Baker

Fabian Pattberg

Elain Cohen – CSR for HR, CSR Reporting & CSR Books


The Business Ethics Blog

CSR International (Wayne Visser)

Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten’s blog

Triple Pundit

Greg Lebar – good for communications specialists

IBLF’s Leadership Blog

Jem Bendell


CSR Aggregation sites

3BL Media

Just Means

CSR Wire


Corporate Citizenship Briefing


CSR Jobs

Acre Resources

Just Means


General CSR Websites


CSR Europe

Net Impact

new economics foundation (OK, not strictly CSR, but oh so good)


Visions of the Future 

KPMG’s Expect the Unexpected Report – the world to 2030, including analysis of sector readiness.

BITC’s The Forces of Change – Business focussed and mostly asking questions about possible futures.

Columbia University’s Earth Institute World Happiness Report


Global CSR

Michael Kane’s Global Survey of ESG Policies in Capital Markets



Company Information Pages

GRI’s Sustainable Disclosures Database

CSR Hub’s CSR Report Ratings

CDP Responses Database

Ceres CSR Shareholder resolutions Database

Corporate Knights Global 100 List

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

FTSE 4 Good Index

Corporate Register’s Reports Home

Global Compact’s CoP Participant Search

oekom’s corporate rating


Business Case for CSR

Cheng, Ioannou and Serafeim’s  Corporate Social Responsibility and Access to Finance

Cheng, Ioannou and Serafeim’s The Impact of a Corporate Culture of Sustainability on Corporate Behaviour and Performance

Cheng, Ioannou and Serafeim’s Is there an Optimal Degree of Sustainability

McKinsey Valuing Corporate Social Responsibility

Rory Sullivan Valuing Corporate Responsibility

Deloitte’s Finding the Value in Environmental, Social and Governance Performance






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