Sustainable Fashion?

Just a thought provoking video for this post. Cool.

History of CSR in India

Part 2 – Culture of CSR in India India both leads the world in some areas of CSR and trails a long way behind in others. Part 2 (in a 5 part series) explores the culture and history of CSR in India as a background to its Companies Act 2013.

Earth Hour Recipes

A few friends and I (from 6-heads) are extending Earth Hour / Day into a low-carbon, low light dinner party on 28 March 2015. And some others are planning to join us by hosting their own parties. Disclaimer – This is possibly one of the most UK-centric and under-researched posts I’ve ever done. Enjoy!

The Circular Economy … explained by lego

Love it when complex things get explained in a really simple way.  Here is a video that explains The Circular Economy in relatively simple terms.

Double or Nothing – Prove it, or lose it

All of the big reporting frameworks are doubling down on materiality. Rightly so. It’s time to prove that materiality is a worthwhile activity, or lose it from our vocabulary.

Building the Business Case

I have worked with many companies in the last few years, and almost all of them have benefited from a clearer articulation of the business case for CSR.  

Innovation and Sustainability

  …Innovation is a relatively slippery beast at the best of times. Combining it with another slippery critter, Sustainability, might sound impossible to deal with. But Sustainability professionals must get a grip!

GRI G4 – Materiality, Transparency, Comparability – FIGHT!

Saying whether the changes to GRI are good or bad reveals a lot about the commentator’s position. Here’s my guide to reading comments on the G4, and at the end of the post, my own comments.

CSR in Difficult Times

Anyone who is in CSR probably thinks that it’s a tough thing to do –  which it is! But we can all draw inspiration from people who are really doing it tough by trying to get CSR embedded in particularly difficult times. Lebanon is such a place.

Some CSR Trends

My predictions for the next 12 months for CSR concern five disparate groups (the stars next to the titles represent my level of confidence in the predictions). Identifying CSR trends, let alone any trends, seems fraught with danger, however, here goes! Executives ***** Two not entirely unrelated trends will come from Executives. Firstly, they will […]