History of CSR in India

Part 2 – Culture of CSR in India India both leads the world in some areas of CSR and trails a long way behind in others. Part 2 (in a 5 part series) explores the culture and history of CSR in India as a background to its Companies Act 2013.

CSR in India

What can we learn from India when it comes to CSR? Much, if my recent trip there is any indication.

CSR in India … back to Square One

The CSR laws that came into force in India really should be called Philanthropy laws, because that’s what they are. I had been planning to write on this, but after reading Mallen Baker’s blog post on the topic, I don’t have a lot to add. So instead, here is a link to his post, Should […]

Tax Redax and the Fair Tax Mark

This is one of those posts that updates an earlier stream of thought, in this case on corporate payment of tax. There have been some interesting developments since my top tips on tax were published.

Triumphing on Tax – Top Tips on Tax Avoidance

If you want to avoid petitions against your company (like this one against Amazon) and consumer boycotts like that experienced against Starbucks (on Facebook) then have a look at these top tips on tax avoidance. “Scrutiny is increasing, demands for transparency are rising and companies that don’t have a clear position will lose this debate” […]

Triumphing on Tax – Adam Smith’s contribution

Adam Smith had several things to say about taxation. Triumph on Tax: A framework to talk about Tax    Adam Smith may well be bewildered by the complexity of modern economic life, but he had some valuable things to say about the current corporate tax issue.

Triumphing on Tax

I really like it if I get a refund cheque from the ruling tax authority. I feel like I’ve had a bit of a win. Something like David, having a small victory over the Goliath in the room.

In 2013, I deserve Good Business

“Business is not just about making money, vital as it is, it is also the most powerful force for social progress that the world has ever known.” In 2012, David Cameron issued a fairly robust defence of business in the UK. He warned against the “anti-business snobbery” culture that he said was creeping into the […]