Bangladesh reminds us – Legal isn’t the same as Responsible

I doubt very much that anyone at Primark, Matalan or Mango has acted illegally in relation to the collapse of the factory in Bangladesh, where they all have clothing manfactured. In fact I know some people who work for those brands who are very passionate about doing the right thing in business. But that doesn’t mean […]

Slavery – What’s GRI got to do with it?

I recently found out that I am responsible forĀ 52 slaves. With a son named Lincoln, that seems like something I should fix, given the other Lincoln’s involvement in slavery.

GRI G4 – First Look

GRI released its draft of the G4 for comment. There are some significant changes that are proposed, some of which will make companies scream, but some of which will help companies to do a much better job of reporting their most material CSR issues. That should lead to increased quality of reporting for both amateur […]

Apple … oh Apple

I grew up going to mostly evangelical Christian churches (…wait, I promise this is going somewhere). And in many ways it is a wonderful upbringing (…wait !). There is kinship, commonality and ‘love’ abounding. At times there can be a sense of moral supremacy about it, but at its best, there is sympathy for those […]