Measuring Socio-Economic Impact

I recently attended another of Business Fights Poverty’s fine events: Linking Socio-Economic Impact and Business Strategy. It was a great event, and good to see that there has been significant progress in the way social impact is being measured and in the way the conversation is happening, but a few things troubled me.

CSR in India … back to Square One

The CSR laws that came into force in India really should be called Philanthropy laws, because that’s what they are. I had been planning to write on this, but after reading Mallen Baker’s blog post on the topic, I don’t have a lot to add. So instead, here is a link to his post, Should […]

Sustainability Maternity

I was preparing for DoShorts webinar on Materiality that took place last week, when someone accidentally said Sustainability Maternity, instead of Sustainability Materiality. I laughed, and then started to think about what Sustainability Maternity might look like.