CSR in law firms

What do law¬†firms need to do when it comes to CSR? Read on…for more on the most relevant CSR issues in law firms.

Are Lawyers Different?

I’ve recently been working with some lawyers on their CSR strategy and activities. It has reminded me of a few things about lawyers and prompted me to ask about Lawyers and Sustainability.

Top Tip – Increasing your Sustainability / CSR Budget

If you want to increase the influence of Sustainability / CSR in your organisation, you need to increase your budget. Here’s my Top Tips (25 of them) on doing that:

Sustainability Maternity

I was preparing for DoShorts webinar on Materiality that took place last week, when someone accidentally said Sustainability Maternity, instead of Sustainability Materiality. I laughed, and then started to think about what Sustainability Maternity might look like.

Introducing Materiality – A Video!

Many of you will already know a lot about materiality in a sustainability context. I thought some of you might like a quick video introduction to materiality, either as a simple summary for your own use or as a resource for anyone who might be interested.

G4 changes – A Video!

Unsure of what the G4 might mean for your business? This high level video might help you start to plan for the changes from G3 to G4.

My New Book! – Making Sustainability Matter

After some encouragement from the Sustainability specialist publisher DoShorts, I’ve written a book on materiality, and how materiality can be the lynch-pin that aligns your sustainability initiatives with your organisational strategy. It’s exciting for me and is my first published book, which I’m quite proud of!

Defining Materiality

A quiet and gentle war is simmering away in relation to defining materiality in a sustainability context. For some of you, that won’t really matter. For others, the cold materiality war of 2014 will have profound consequences.

How do the major corporate sustainability reporting initiatives measure up?

  A detailed look at the pluses and minuses of the three major bodies pushing forward corporate reporting (GRI, SASB and IIRC).

Materiality Matrix examples: Ford, Intel & Electrolux

There are several matrices that I think are interesting and useful if you want to use yours to achieve great things. Here are a few good ones from Ford, Intel and Electrolux, along with a few lessons from each.