Are Lawyers Different?

I’ve recently been working with some lawyers on their CSR strategy and activities. It has reminded me of a few things about lawyers and prompted me to ask about Lawyers and Sustainability.


In celebration of International Women’s Day, let me tell my story of why I changed my name when I got married. By the way, I’m going to use the ‘F’ word.

Slavery – What’s GRI got to do with it?

I recently found out that I am responsible for 52 slaves. With a son named Lincoln, that seems like something I should fix, given the other Lincoln’s involvement in slavery.

In 2013, I deserve Good Business

“Business is not just about making money, vital as it is, it is also the most powerful force for social progress that the world has ever known.” In 2012, David Cameron issued a fairly robust defence of business in the UK. He warned against the “anti-business snobbery” culture that he said was creeping into the […]

CSR with a Lebanese twist – Towards a National CSR Strategy

Beirut in summer is fabulous, as it turns out (Thanks CSR Lebanon!). Very warm days and moderate nights, especially if you can enjoy al fresco dining on the waterfront (Thanks again CSR Lebanon!). I was there with Oliver Dudok van Heel (of Radley Yeldar) to tell companies how we think they can report on their […]

Execs – “We’re paid too much!”

    Two thirds of Executives globally believe that they are paid too much and a staggering 77% of Execs in the UK believe the same. At least that’s if you believe recent research by Grant Thornton as read by The Independent. And why wouldn’t you believe it!

Sustainable Leadership

When the IBLF releases a report on the new skills needed to lead sustainable companies, us sustainability types ought take notice. Doubly so, when Ashridge (led by Matt Gitsham) are involved. Triply so (is that even correct grammatically?) when there are brief post-scripts from Mark Kramer, Julia Kirby and Gilbert Lenssen among others.