CSR in law firms

What do law firms need to do when it comes to CSR? Read on…for more on the most relevant CSR issues in law firms.

CSR Governance in law firms

What do law firms need to do when it comes to CSR? Read on…for more on CSR Governance in Law Firms.

Bangladesh reminds us – Legal isn’t the same as Responsible

I doubt very much that anyone at Primark, Matalan or Mango has acted illegally in relation to the collapse of the factory in Bangladesh, where they all have clothing manfactured. In fact I know some people who work for those brands who are very passionate about doing the right thing in business. But that doesn’t mean […]

Slavery – What’s GRI got to do with it?

I recently found out that I am responsible for 52 slaves. With a son named Lincoln, that seems like something I should fix, given the other Lincoln’s involvement in slavery.

The Sustainability Party! … lessons from CSR professionals

With all the talk of restraint to ensure viability of our planet/lifestyles, dour economic forecasts (not just for Greece, Cyprus and a few others in the EU – how’s your credit rating UK?) and general feeling that life just won’t be as much fun anymore, I think it’s time for a Sustainability Party!

CSR with a Lebanese twist – Towards a National CSR Strategy

Beirut in summer is fabulous, as it turns out (Thanks CSR Lebanon!). Very warm days and moderate nights, especially if you can enjoy al fresco dining on the waterfront (Thanks again CSR Lebanon!). I was there with Oliver Dudok van Heel (of Radley Yeldar) to tell companies how we think they can report on their […]

Latvia, CSR Tiger!

Latvia, along with its neighbours Lithuania and Estonia, earned the title of ‘Baltic Tiger’ through the mid-noughties. Latvia doubled GDP in about 15 years following its independence, including a drive toward private ownership (Latvia is a lot less state-owned than many of its neighbours, including Belarus). Its citizens had started to enjoy economic wealth that was unprecedented in living […]

CSR in Belarus

I got back last week from Minsk, Belarus. BITC sent me there to train some of the MBA lecturers at Belarus State University in CSR. Fabulous place – the people were so friendly. But I’ll make observations about the city and its people later. First I want to capture some thoughts about the business environment and […]