G4 changes – A Video!

Unsure of what the G4 might mean for your business? This high level video might help you start to plan for the changes from G3 to G4.

My New Book! – Making Sustainability Matter

After some encouragement from the Sustainability specialist publisher DoShorts, I’ve written a book on materiality, and how materiality can be the lynch-pin that aligns your sustainability initiatives with your organisational strategy. It’s exciting for me and is my first published book, which I’m quite proud of!

Defining Materiality

A quiet and gentle war is simmering away in relation to defining materiality in a sustainability context. For some of you, that won’t really matter. For others, the cold materiality war of 2014 will have profound consequences.

How do the major corporate sustainability reporting initiatives measure up?

  A detailed look at the pluses and minuses of the three major bodies pushing forward corporate reporting (GRI, SASB and IIRC).

GRI G4 – Materiality, Transparency, Comparability – FIGHT!

Saying whether the changes to GRI are good or bad reveals a lot about the commentator’s position. Here’s my guide to reading comments on the G4, and at the end of the post, my own comments.

GRI G4 will transform companies. Discuss.

Some commentators are bemoaning the changes to the GRI G4 released last week, while others are praising them. I’ll hold my views until next week, but it’s interesting that the G4 has polarised responses more than any other change to the GRI Reporting Framework.

SASB’s take on GRI, IIRC and Materiality

I will soon post a review of GRI’s changes to G4. In the interim, Katie Schmitz Eulitt and Marisa Mackey (of SASB) have published an interesting view on the state of CSR disclosure, which makes some interesting connections to materiality. Some of you might also be interested to know about SASB’s views on materiality of issues in the […]

Top Tip – Master the Materiality Matrix: Making CSR look Easy (Part 2 of 4)

Constructing a CSR Materiality Matrix is one of the most useful things that a CSR professional can do. Getting stakeholder’s perspectives right is as important as getting the business perspective right. This is part 2 of a 4 part series: Top Tip – Master Materiality. Subscribe to receive notification of the remaining parts over the coming weeks. Other […]

Top Tip – Master the Materiality Matrix: Making CSR look Easy (Part 1 of 4)

Let’s be honest, a CSR materiality matrix isn’t an especially sexy thing. But if you do it well, then CSR gets a whole lot easier, sale-able, profitable and maybe even creative. When I train Executives on CSR or sustainability, the materiality matrix is front and centre. It isn’t a perfect framework, but it goes a long way […]

GRI G4 – First Look

GRI released its draft of the G4 for comment. There are some significant changes that are proposed, some of which will make companies scream, but some of which will help companies to do a much better job of reporting their most material CSR issues. That should lead to increased quality of reporting for both amateur […]