CSR Governance in law firms

What do law¬†firms need to do when it comes to CSR? Read on…for more on CSR Governance in Law Firms.

CSR in India

What can we learn from India when it comes to CSR? Much, if my recent trip there is any indication.

Sustainability and Social Media

Social Media can help transform your Sustainability programmes and commitment into something that creates engagement and loyalty from customers and employees. Unfortunately it can also kill your Sustainability overnight.

B Corporation / B Team

Another quick video this week. Good 2 minute video from the folk at B Corporation, which is different to Richard Branson’s B Team (video also embedded below. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts – which one is better? The B Team Story from The B Team on Vimeo.

Why most CSR Budgets are wasted

Most CSR Budgets are wasted. That’s right, I make my living from CSR, and I think that organisations are pouring money down the drain when it comes to CSR.

Triumphing on Tax – Tax as a Moral Issue

Triumph on Tax: Tax as a Moral issue Companies that only consider the legal aspects of tax are missing opportunities to secure the brand and revenues of their businesses in the long-term. Considering their moral position on taxation is a part of a long-sighted taxation strategy.

The Sustainability Party! … lessons from CSR professionals

With all the talk of restraint to ensure viability of our planet/lifestyles, dour economic forecasts (not just for Greece, Cyprus and a few others in the EU – how’s your credit rating UK?) and general feeling that life just won’t be as much fun anymore, I think it’s time for a Sustainability Party!

GRI G4 – First Look

GRI released its draft of the G4 for comment. There are some significant changes that are proposed, some of which will make companies scream, but some of which will help companies to do a much better job of reporting their most material CSR issues. That should lead to increased quality of reporting for both amateur […]