Triumphing on Tax – Tax as a Moral Issue

Triumph on Tax: Tax as a Moral issue Companies that only consider the legal aspects of tax are missing opportunities to secure the brand and revenues of their businesses in the long-term. Considering their moral position on taxation is a part of a long-sighted taxation strategy.

Triumphing on Tax – Adam Smith’s contribution

Adam Smith had several things to say about taxation. Triumph on Tax: A framework to talk about Tax    Adam Smith may well be bewildered by the complexity of modern economic life, but he had some valuable things to say about the current corporate tax issue.

Triumphing on Tax

I really like it if I get a refund cheque from the ruling tax authority. I feel like I’ve had a bit of a win. Something like David, having a small victory over the Goliath in the room.

Bangladesh reminds us – Legal isn’t the same as Responsible

I doubt very much that anyone at Primark, Matalan or Mango has acted illegally in relation to the collapse of the factory in Bangladesh, where they all have clothing manfactured. In fact I know some people who work for those brands who are very passionate about doing the right thing in business. But that doesn’t mean […]

In 2013, I deserve Good Business

“Business is not just about making money, vital as it is, it is also the most powerful force for social progress that the world has ever known.” In 2012, David Cameron issued a fairly robust defence of business in the UK. He warned against the “anti-business snobbery” culture that he said was creeping into the […]