Top Tip – Master the Materiality Matrix: Making CSR look Easy (Part 2 of 4)

Constructing a CSR Materiality Matrix is one of the most useful things that a CSR professional can do. Getting stakeholder’s perspectives right is as important as getting the business perspective right. This is part 2 of a 4 part series: Top Tip – Master Materiality. Subscribe to receive notification of the remaining parts over the coming weeks. Other […]

Top Tip – Master the Materiality Matrix: Making CSR look Easy (Part 1 of 4)

Let’s be honest, a CSR materiality matrix isn’t an especially sexy thing. But if you do it well, then CSR gets a whole lot easier, sale-able, profitable and maybe even creative. When I train Executives on CSR or sustainability, the materiality matrix is front and centre. It isn’t a perfect framework, but it goes a long way […]

Sustainability is Easy!

If you believe some of the recent advertising about sustainable brands, this whole ‘sustainability’ thing has gotten out of hand. Living sustainably isn’t about having to radically change your lifestyle, it’s just about buying the right brands. Or at least buying a brand that subscribes to the right kind of ethical mark. The message is […]

CSR with a Lebanese twist – Towards a National CSR Strategy

Beirut in summer is fabulous, as it turns out (Thanks CSR Lebanon!). Very warm days and moderate nights, especially if you can enjoy al fresco dining on the waterfront (Thanks again CSR Lebanon!). I was there with Oliver Dudok van Heel (of Radley Yeldar) to tell companies how we think they can report on their […]

Latvia, CSR Tiger!

Latvia, along with its neighbours Lithuania and Estonia, earned the title of ‘Baltic Tiger’ through the mid-noughties. Latvia doubled GDP in about 15 years following its independence, including a drive toward private ownership (Latvia is a lot less state-owned than many of its neighbours, including Belarus). Its citizens had started to enjoy economic wealth that was unprecedented in living […]

Collaboration – Shared goals, shared solutions

  The drive to competition sometimes causes companies to shut down their ‘borders’ in an attempt to gain an advantage over competitors. Business doesn’t seem to work very well that way in an era where open collaboration happens all around us – Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter or Linux anyone?

CSR in Belarus

I got back last week from Minsk, Belarus. BITC sent me there to train some of the MBA lecturers at Belarus State University in CSR. Fabulous place – the people were so friendly. But I’ll make observations about the city and its people later. First I want to capture some thoughts about the business environment and […]