Trust in Business

The first in the series Trust in Business, this part looks at definitions and inputs into the creation of trust.

Plastic : From Waste to Resource?

And all of a sudden, plastic went and got sexy. … Kind of .

Our Future Lives

Dragon Rouge’s vision of our future, ‘Family of the Future 2030’, is interesting and challenging. It probably raises many more questions than it answers, but it is certainly an interesting vision of how our lives might look in 2030. It also paints many opportunities for business in what will otherwise be constrained and difficult conditions. […]

Sustainability is Easy!

If you believe some of the recent advertising about sustainable brands, this whole ‘sustainability’ thing has gotten out of hand. Living sustainably isn’t about having to radically change your lifestyle, it’s just about buying the right brands. Or at least buying a brand that subscribes to the right kind of ethical mark. The message is […]

Apple … oh Apple

I grew up going to mostly evangelical Christian churches (…wait, I promise this is going somewhere). And in many ways it is a wonderful upbringing (…wait !). There is kinship, commonality and ‘love’ abounding. At times there can be a sense of moral supremacy about it, but at its best, there is sympathy for those […]

Consumption, Growth and One Planet – video

This is as good a video as I have seen on the problems of Consumption, Growth and One Planet, from the post carbon institute and incubatepictures:   There’s No Tomorrow¬†–¬†34 min