Measuring Socio-Economic Impact

I recently attended another of Business Fights Poverty’s fine events: Linking Socio-Economic Impact and Business Strategy. It was a great event, and good to see that there has been significant progress in the way social impact is being measured and in the way the conversation is happening, but a few things troubled me.

Our Future Lives

Dragon Rouge’s vision of our future, ‘Family of the Future 2030’, is interesting and challenging. It probably raises many more questions than it answers, but it is certainly an interesting vision of how our lives might look in 2030. It also paints many opportunities for business in what will otherwise be constrained and difficult conditions. […]

Bangladesh reminds us – Legal isn’t the same as Responsible

I doubt very much that anyone at Primark, Matalan or Mango has acted illegally in relation to the collapse of the factory in Bangladesh, where they all have clothing manfactured. In fact I know some people who work for those brands who are very passionate about doing the right thing in business. But that doesn’t mean […]

CSR in Difficult Times

Anyone who is in CSR probably thinks that it’s a tough thing to do –  which it is! But we can all draw inspiration from people who are really doing it tough by trying to get CSR embedded in particularly difficult times. Lebanon is such a place.

Sustainable Leadership

When the IBLF releases a report on the new skills needed to lead sustainable companies, us sustainability types ought take notice. Doubly so, when Ashridge (led by Matt Gitsham) are involved. Triply so (is that even correct grammatically?) when there are brief post-scripts from Mark Kramer, Julia Kirby and Gilbert Lenssen among others.

Collaboration – Shared goals, shared solutions

  The drive to competition sometimes causes companies to shut down their ‘borders’ in an attempt to gain an advantage over competitors. Business doesn’t seem to work very well that way in an era where open collaboration happens all around us – Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter or Linux anyone?