Elon Musk – Stakeholder Engagement = Good Business

Image Source: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/elonmusk Elon Musk is changing the face of business. His Tesla line of electric vehicles is pushing the automobile industry toward driverless vehicles. Add the fun-factor of adding an ‘insane mode’ by software update, delivering almost 30% more power and better handling, and it looks like Tesla is leading disruptive innovation. By making […]

The Art of Green Jujitsu – Smart Employee Engagement for Sustainability

Sweet little video that highlights the importance of getting buyin from employees when it comes to green initiatives. It almost certainly applies also to other sustainability initiatives. The Art of Green Jujitsu (Smart Employee Engagement for Sustainability) – YouTube.

New York City’s greenhouse emissions (big green balls)

Having recently returned from New York, I was interested to see this video, which represents carbon by sticky green balls. We need more resources like this if we are to beat climate change!