GRI G4 – Materiality, Transparency, Comparability – FIGHT!

Saying whether the changes to GRI are good or bad reveals a lot about the commentator’s position. Here’s my guide to reading comments on the G4, and at the end of the post, my own comments.

GRI G4 will transform companies. Discuss.

Some commentators are bemoaning the changes to the GRI G4 released last week, while others are praising them. I’ll hold my views until next week, but it’s interesting that the G4 has polarised responses more than any other change to the GRI Reporting Framework.

Top Tip – Master the Materiality Matrix: Making CSR look Easy (Part 3 of 4)

The Materiality Matrix will allow you to understand the Business Case for CSR for your business (and help you put a cash value on it) and a central input to a communications strategy. This is part 3 of a 4 part series: Top Tip – Master Materiality. Subscribe to receive notification of the remaining part! Other Parts: 1  2  3  4