Elon Musk – Stakeholder Engagement = Good Business

Image Source: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/elonmusk Elon Musk is changing the face of business. His Tesla line of electric vehicles is pushing the automobile industry toward driverless vehicles. Add the fun-factor of adding an ‘insane mode’ by software update, delivering almost 30% more power and better handling, and it looks like Tesla is leading disruptive innovation. By making […]

Top Tip – Increasing your Sustainability / CSR Budget

If you want to increase the influence of Sustainability / CSR in your organisation, you need to increase your budget. Here’s my Top Tips (25 of them) on doing that:

Introducing Materiality – A Video!

Many of you will already know a lot about materiality in a sustainability context. I thought some of you might like a quick video introduction to materiality, either as a simple summary for your own use or as a resource for anyone who might be interested.

My New Book! – Making Sustainability Matter

After some encouragement from the Sustainability specialist publisher DoShorts, I’ve written a book on materiality, and how materiality can be the lynch-pin that aligns your sustainability initiatives with your organisational strategy. It’s exciting for me and is my first published book, which I’m quite proud of!

Why most CSR Budgets are wasted

Most CSR Budgets are wasted. That’s right, I make my living from CSR, and I think that organisations are pouring money down the drain when it comes to CSR.

Triumphing on Tax – Top Tips on Tax Avoidance

If you want to avoid petitions against your company (like this one against Amazon) and consumer boycotts like that experienced against Starbucks (on Facebook) then have a look at these top tips on tax avoidance. “Scrutiny is increasing, demands for transparency are rising and companies that don’t have a clear position will lose this debate” […]

Triumphing on Tax – Tax as a Moral Issue

Triumph on Tax: Tax as a Moral issue Companies that only consider the legal aspects of tax are missing opportunities to secure the brand and revenues of their businesses in the long-term. Considering their moral position on taxation is a part of a long-sighted taxation strategy.

Triumphing on Tax – Adam Smith’s contribution

Adam Smith had several things to say about taxation. Triumph on Tax: A framework to talk about Tax    Adam Smith may well be bewildered by the complexity of modern economic life, but he had some valuable things to say about the current corporate tax issue.

Triumphing on Tax

I really like it if I get a refund cheque from the ruling tax authority. I feel like I’ve had a bit of a win. Something like David, having a small victory over the Goliath in the room.

Innovation and Sustainability

  …Innovation is a relatively slippery beast at the best of times. Combining it with another slippery critter, Sustainability, might sound impossible to deal with. But Sustainability professionals must get a grip!